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3 Day Wellness Retreat: Unwind, Unpack, and Unplug with Maile Labasan, Clinical psychologist & 500 RYT 3日間 ウェルネス・リトリート:“解き放つ、取り除く、心の解放” 臨床心理学者・500RYT マイレ ラバサンによるストレス解消リトリート 

Feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and longing for the days when things were more simple but too busy for that getaway retreat or vacation? Have you been occupied with work or family responsibilities and need efficient ways to get more long-lasting relaxation and stress relief in your already full life?  Take this 3 day wellness retreat for stress relief and management.

Min 5 and max 20 participants

To be held in English and Japanese

Training-only option available at

ストレスを感じていませんか?全ての物事がシンプルでうまくいく日々を望んでいませんか? でも忙しすぎて、バケーションや現実逃避のリトリートにいく時間がないと思っていませんか? 仕事や家族での役割に追われ精一杯な生活の中、うまくストレスを解消し、継続してリラックスできる有効的な方法を探し求めていませんか? この3日間のウエルネスリトリートでストレス解消、全ての悩みから解放されましょう!




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Take a mini retreat in beautiful Oahu to Unwind the tension in your body, Unpack the emotions that have weighed you down, and Unplug from your full and busy life. Through our educational retreat you will rejuvenate your mind and body by immersing yourself in mindful yoga and learning tools informed by the latest research in psychology and neuroscience. The result? You not only leave our retreat feeling restored and refreshed, you will return to your life routines equipped with sustainable tools that you have integrated deeply into your body-mind to create long lasting change for greater peace, confidence, and harmony. You will also have time for your own interests whether that is time for work & family, and/or recreational activities including access to beautiful beaches, hiking trails, rich cultural events, shopping, and nightlife of Honolulu & Waikiki



Optional activities:

  • Silent mindful hike to a special location on the island. 3-hour hike requires physical mobility - moderate difficulty.

  • Sunrise Ocean cleanse “Hi’uwai” with Kumu Malia Helela

    Still unsure whether this is for you? Click here to learn more and receive Maile’s Free gift “3 steps to enhance your mood in 1 minute”

    Can’t make it on these dates? Don’t worry, click here to get on the interest waitlist for “first to know” information on Maile’s next wellness workshop and retreat


Mar 1 1:30-5:30 In studio

Mar 2 8:00-12:00 Silent hike (optional activity)

1:30-5:30 In studio

Mar 3 6:00-7:00 Hi’uwai, ocean cleanse (optional activity)

8:00-12:00 Nature location TBA

1:30-5:30 In studio


* サイレント・ハイク


* クム・マリアによる、ヒ’ウバイ~日の出時、海での浄化儀式


3月1日 1:30−5:30 スタジオ・レッスン

3月2日 8:00−12:00 サイレント・ハイク(参加希望者のみ)

     1:30−5:30 スタジオ・レッスン

3月3日 6:00−7:00 ヒ’ウバイ~海での浄化儀式

     8:00−12:00 野外レッスン

1:30−5:30 スタジオ・レッスン


Experience specific mindful YOGA sequences (integrated with tools from mindfulness, neuroscience, and psychology) to combat stress, improve calm and focus, lift moods and promote relaxation (for BOTH the beginner and more experienced yogi).

Emotional Stress Assessments
Measure your level of stress and the severity of its impact on your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Learn what kind of emotional “stressor” you are and receive specific protocols to help support positive coping skills.

YOGA Psychology Toolbox
Leave with a customized toolbox of your unique plan for managing your day-to-day stress with more ease and harmony.

Feel the power of group processing with guided exercises and paired/group sharing within a safe, supportive, and nurturing setting with others who are seeking the same results.
Self Inquiry and Reflection to process emotions that can be difficult to release in a regular yoga class or therapy alone. Learn and practice guided prompts and journaling techniques to self-reflect, inquire, and improve your relationship with yourself and others.

Take Home Learning Material
Deepen your study of yoga and gain a better understanding of the science of psychology, mindfulness, and neuroscience - the how and why these tools work for stress relief, stress management, and overall emotional well being in your life.



* 心理学、神経科学、マインドフルネスの手段を統合的に織り込んだ、精神統合を目指すマインドフル・ヨガを体験。ストレス解消、落ち着きや集中力を向上、気持ちを高め、リラックゼーションを助長します。(初心者ならびにヨガ経験者にも効果的。)

* 感情によるストレス判定。


* ヨガ心理学・手法


* プロセス



* 自宅で復習できる資料



Integrated Support
$150+ value

2 Follow-up video conferences with Maile to enhance and reinforce your commitment to change into your life with a customized plan.
Written take-home results and personal records of your transformation experience to refer to anytime you need a tuneup/reminder.

Time-limited Bonus
$75 value

Complimentary phone consultation regarding your life stressors and personal growth priorities (for the first 10 who sign up).

Audio Recordings & Videoecordings
Unlimited access to video recordings of wellness topics covered in workshops and audio recordings of brief meditations that guide you toward peace, harmony, and deep relaxation.

Optional Ongoing Support
(requires brief interview & instructor approval)

Special access to ongoing support via group or private time to reinforce key growth areas you identify.

Special access to ongoing monthly group yoga to continue your healing and growth journey.

Loyalty Discounts
Lifetime loyalty discounts off future events at Yoga +.



インストラクターとのビデオ・カンファレンス 2回付き











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Maile Labasan, Clinical psychologist & 500 RYT

500 RYT (200hr mixed yoga & 300hr yoga psychology certifications)

Ever seen a huge poster at the YMCA of a bright-eyed, dark-haired woman jumping for joy with a beautiful smile? That’s Maile. Students love taking Maile’s classes for the infectious good cheer and confidence that she shares. A long-time fan of Still & Moving Center, Maile is excited to be a part of this community and to share the joy of moving in a safe, fun and mindful environment. With over 18 years of experience as a Licensed Psychologist and 30+ years as a fitness instructor, Maile is committed to helping busy people with full lives manage stress with easy to learn and simple to apply tools that fit into their daily life so they may achieve sustainable life-long improvements in their emotional health and well-being. Maile fell in love with yoga when she was pregnant with her first child 18 years ago, and it helped her through a challenging birthing experience. Obtaining her Registered Yoga Teaching certification, Maile was delighted to discover that yogic philosophy enhances and blends perfectly with her Psychology practice. Maile is inspired to share the many ways that yoga + psychology can promote inner mental and emotional wellbeing, as well as outer physical health. Maile is dedicated to providing a welcoming, accepting space for her students to access the best versions of who they already are.

マイレ ラバサン、臨床心理学者&500RYT


YMCAの大きなポスターで輝いた目、濃い髪の色の女性が美しい笑顔で喜びのジャンプをしているのを見た事がありますか? それがマイレです。マイレの魅力、人々に影響を与える陽気さと自信が多くの生徒を魅了します。長年に渡り、スティル&ムービングセンターのファンであったマイレは当センター・コミュニティーの一員として安全で楽しく、意識高い環境で体を動かすことの喜びを分かち合えることをとても嬉しく思っています。心理学者としての18年以上の経験とフィットネス・インストラクターとしての30年以上の経験を生かし、マイレは日々追われる忙しい人々が簡単にストレスに対処し、日常生活に簡単に役立てるスキルを学び、生涯において心身の健全さを保てるようになるよう手助けする事に専念しています。マイレは18年前、第一子の妊娠中にヨガが大好きになりました。そして大変だった出産経験において、ヨガがとても役に立ちました。ヨガ講師認定証を取得して、マイレはヨガの哲学が心理学の実践において、完璧に調和し、役に立つ事に気づきました。マイレはヨガと心理学が内たる精神、感情の健全、同様に外部、身体の健康をも促進する事を共有することに奮起しています。マイレはすべての生徒を歓迎し、皆が自分は受け入れられていると感じるスペースを提供、生徒が自分自身のベストな状態に近づけるよう手助けをすることに専念しています。

3 Day Wellness Retreat: Unwind, Unpack, and Unplug
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  • Course package and bonus content outlined above

  • 3 days/4 nights in stunning Honolulu, Hawaii

  • 4 nights – 4-star shared accommodation (double) at the prestigious Ala Moana Hotel, Honolulu

  • 2 healthy meals per day- fresh, healthy, delicious meals to power you through your training

  • 1 sunrise Ocean cleanse with kumu hula, Malia Helela

  • Access to 3 movement classes to augment your experience of restoration and rejuvenation (yoga, dance, martial arts and more)

Full price: $1790
Early Bird price: $1590 until Feb 1, 2018

$750 deposit required to reserve your spot, with remainder due Feb 1, 2019

Min 5 and max 20 participants     
Single room option: additional $100/night

3日間 ウエルネス・リトリート:解き放つ、取り除く、心の解放


* コース・パッケージ+お得なボーナス特典

* 素晴らしいホノルル・ハワイでの3日間(4泊)

* 4泊宿泊 − 4つ星ランキング、一流アラモアナホテルでご宿泊(2名様 同室)

* 1日2食のヘルシーな食事付き:トレーニングのためにパワーをつける、フレッシュでヘルシーな美味しい食事

* クムフラ・マリアへレラによる、日の出時、海での浄化儀式 1回

* アロハ経験値を高めるために3つのムーブメントクラスに参加していただけます。


パッケージ料金:1790ドル (ワークショップのみのお申込みも可)





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Ala Moana Hotel in Honolulu: 4 star contemporary hotel near swimming beach, shady jogging park paths, and relaxing ocean views. Just steps from the prestigious Ala Moana Center, the world's largest open-air shopping mall.  Wide range of Dining Options. Close to Waikiki Beach area.
Shared room: comes with retreat package
Single Option: $100/night upgrade

Transportation (not included): local cab, Uber  takes roughly 10 minutes or a lovely 25 min walk. Transport to optional hike and Ocean cleanse may be offered for a minimal charge to be determined based on number of participants.

Meals provided: Buffet breakfast at the Plantation Cafe at the Ala Moana Hotel, and a healthy catered vegetarian lunch provided at the Center.

Venue: Still & Moving Center is a lovely oasis in the midst of thriving Honolulu.  A glorious space, equipped with aerial points, sprung mango-wood floors, sound system and gorgeous artwork.

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Experience the positive impact of just 3 consecutive days to get away from stress and engage in self-care for the mind, body, and spirit. You’ll ensure long-lasting changes by making use of the easy to learn, simple to apply skills along with follow-up and support of the program to help you integrate what you learn and practice into your everyday life. The result?

Your ability to better navigate through stress with greater ease, peace, and confidence.

By the third day, you will not only have assessed your stress levels, learned about your particular stress style, and practiced stress management techniques and tools from yoga, psychology, mindfulness, and neuroscience… You will leave with a yoga psychology toolbox of effective techniques according to your particular needs that have been tested, refined, practiced and mastered by you!

Invest in yourself and make a commitment to move forward in your life with greater confidence so you can achieve the peace, harmony, and life satisfaction that you deserve.

Invest in yourself and make a commitment to move forward in your life with greater confidence

so you can achieve the peace, harmony, and life satisfaction that you deserve.