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Reach out to your team
and lead them towards better
work life balance

Hoa Hele Retreats creates effective wellness programs, as well as team building, management training and  leadership programs, individually catered to your objectives.
Holistic approaches include meditation and movement practices to fill the deeper needs of your team. Achieving a fully balanced training opportunity with sustainable results.

Let us help you and your team find clarity

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Intensive Staycation Retreat (3 days)

Gather your team together and work towards a common goal.
Let us build a program for your team, within our fully equipped facility, or in your workplace, facilitated by world-class teachers and coaches.

  • 18hrs of training with a Hoa Hele Holistic Leadership Coach
  • 5 movement-based wellness interventions
  • 1 Hawaiian Cultural outing with a traditionally trained master teacher

All inclusive retreat (6 days)

Hoa Hele offers services to accommodate a fully inclusive retreat:  

  • 24hrs of training with a Hoa Hele Holistic Leadership Coach
  • 8 movement-based wellness interventions
  • 2 Hawaiian Cultural outings with a traditionally trained master teacher
  • 4 star Accommodation, 2 healthy meals per day, local transportation

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Our Coaches:

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Daniele Bienvenue

With a Bachelor of Arts and a Masters of Science in Public Health,
Danièle Bienvenue challenges the impossible, entertains paradoxes and tames the unacceptable.

The ever-adapting human machine has fascinated her for the last 30 years. In response to constant changes, she appropriately adjusts and reinvents her tools & practices. It is with an organic approach, recognizing the important core of each organization that she builds tailored programs that suit individuals and teams’ needs.

As a coach, she witnesses the resilience and strong potential in people. They are the masters of their solutions; she has learned to guide them safely through their zones of discomfort and toward their spheres of influence.

All tailored programs gravitate around the human relation themes. Her methodology encourages an active contribution from the participants and leaves them with practical, realistic and manageable tools. Her approach suits either left or right brain individuals. The HBDI remains a key instrument in either individual coaching or team activities. She completed her NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Certification in June 2010.

Clients include:
Reitmans - Rona - Pratt & Whitney Canada
Reseau Selection - Mouvement Desjardins -Téléfilm Canada - Ubisoft
Aimia - Ardene - SSense
Cirque du Soleil

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Joanna Mackie


Joanna helps people to navigate change and move through transition and transformation with greater ease and creativity.  
She does this through her work as a holistic leadership coach, designer and facilitator of learning and as an organizational change consultant.  
She is also a vocalist and singer who supports people to ‘find their voice’ (both literally and figuratively)
as they navigate towards their desired (and unexpected) futures.

Her work focuses on:

  • Growing self-leadership – enabling transformative change through exploration of self-awareness and actions/practices that generate new results
  • Strengthening teams – through high-engagement processes that heighten awareness and understanding of core strengths, build team capabilities, clarify team vision and align individual strategies, actions and reflective practices 
  • Supporting organizational/system change – building engagement, change-navigation know-how and alignment around desired future and plans to get there
  • Joanna’s approach brings a focus on helping people/leaders to learn and grow their capacity to observe and reflect on themselves, their actions and the results they are generating in their work and lives.  She focuses people/leaders on deepening their understanding of their core strengths in domains that are relevant to the future they want to create. In her work Joanna keeps in mind the importance of aligning individual hopes and goals, with those of their teams, communities, organizations and systems, to truly bring about transformative change.

Programs offered by Joanna include:

  • Leading Myself into the Future
  • Strengthening Team Vision and Meaningful Collaborative Action
  • Building Inclusive Teams/Organizations for Powerful Outcomes
  • Finding My Voice…in Service of My Future
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Neelanthi Vadivel

Director of the program

After leading 3 world-renowned Cirque du Soleil productions to over 40 countries, Neelanthi hopes to share her experience “wrangling clowns”: 

  • inspiring a team to achieve personal and professional growth
  • through ongoing periods of instability and challenging environments.
  • Balancing company mandates with personal wellbeing.

Her interests lie in the discovery and understanding of all forms of movement and self-development, and how the body and mind can connect through a shared experience.

Her role at Hoa Hele Retreats is to draw on 20 plus years in the performing arts industry, to develop unique experiences that nurture personal growth through the mind and body arts.